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    Post Cars, Bit-Mining, and Genetics Update


    Update 1
    Cars, Bit-Mining, and Genetics Update

    -Cars have been completely updated. (Meaning: A LOT of brand new cars and also price changes.)
    -Bit-Mining will be added (New way to make money).
    -Genetics have been Changed. Members get 10 genetics and VIPS get 11 Genetics. Regeneration has also been added. The cost to reset your genome is now 10k.
    -Many bug fixes and just general fixes have been done. (Example: ATMs and Gas Pumps are NOT glitchy anymore!)
    -Cinema is fixed.

    Please feel free to come into the discord and give your opinions on this update.

    Update will be on the server Friday morning.
    Thanks, TURBO & Killz
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