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    Post New Admin Template


    Must be 14 years of age.

    Must be active in the discord or TS.

    Must have at LEAST 1-day of playing time in-game.

    Must have an understanding of ALL the rules.

    About You

    Steam name?:

    Current In-Character Name?:




    Do you have a working microphone?:

    General Information

    Do you meet all the requirements for the application of an admin?:

    How long have you been a part of our community?:

    Have you been involved in any previous communities?:

    How often are you available during the week?:

    What skills do you feel you have that will help the community?:

    Skill Questions

    If you see an administrator abusing his/her powers, what would you do?:

    If you see a player meta-gaming, what would you do?:

    If you know a player is hacking, what would you do?:

    If you see a player abusing chat in any way, what would you do?:

    What, in your opinion, are the strengths of a good admin?

    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know.:


    Do you agree to be an active admin?:

    Do you understand that through this admin application, the administrators may take as much time as they need (maximum 2 weeks) to make their decision on what will happen with you? Do you also understand also that if you do not get accepted, you will be mature and friendly, and may apply again in two weeks?:
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