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    Arrow Cocoa Admin Application

    What is your info? (Steam ID, Username etc. NO PERSONAL INFO)
    *steamID:STEAM_1:1:172480534 IGN: Cocoa Gotthenesquik
    What position are you applying for?
    *GTA Admin
    How long have you been playing on Grand Theft Auto Online?
    Ingame - 1 day been playing since 2016
    Why do you think you would be a good addition to our team?
    *I Think I Would be a good addition to the team because im Helpful and i can help anything that the server needs and im not the type to abuse staff like alot of people in these servers on Gmod , and i can help alot of people that are new to the server and im responsible and i got alot of freetime to be on the server
    What do you want to improve here?
    *I want to inprove everything make the server grow , make the server better , suggest addons to add for the server , if the server needs something i can get it no matter what.
    *Do you have a microphone?
    Yes , i use it sometimes its rare
    What are your available hours during the week?
    Everyday of the week getting a new computer in a few weeks so this might change. (10 Am to midnight)

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    Why did you make another application?

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