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    Removing cars | Sell them while you can!

    I am going to be removing some of the old, crappy and ugly cars. These mostly include the Sickness GTA IV cars that are broken.

    A list of car is provided below. This list includes some of the cars being removed, but might not be all. I suggest going in-game and selling cars that are specifically being removed. I am not removing cars that lots of people have, the popular old / ugly cars will remain. Things like the Willard and the BMW that most new players drive will remain in the game.

    I will also post a poll asking if we should ACTUALLY remove them or just leave'em in. Its up to yall.

    List made by Flash
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    you forgot about the lotus one

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    when you gonna change it i just sells my cars

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    Tide truck is alright, rest I think have terrible handling and bad looks lol

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    some of them are nice
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    Quote Originally Posted by thomaslee View Post
    some of them are nice
    Which ones? Please tell us, so we know what cars people don't want removed.

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    Did you go through with this change and actually remove them? I think that's the right call tbh. Might get back into the game if so to see what's going on.

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    GMOD Servers closed.
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