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    Buck Finly | GTA Admin Application

    What is your info? (Steam ID, Username etc. NO PERSONAL INFO)
    Buck Finly, STEAM_0:1:128550013

    What position are you applying for?
    GTA Admin

    If you are a regular member you can apply to {GTA Admin, Public Relations}
    If you are a GTA Admin, you can apply to {GTA Super Admin}

    How long have you been playing on Grand Theft Auto Online?
    A long long time, back way before the server went offline. I donít remember exactly how long ago that would be but yíall probably get a feeling for it. FYI, my profile is new but thatís just because I lost my other... ask brad or anyone from the old days and theyíll know me. At least I hope they would lol

    Why do you think you would be a good addition to our team?
    I have over a year of experience in serious rp over at MazeRP. I am a Moderator (part of staff) over there and I think I know the rules quite well, so I believe I could handle semi-serious pretty nicely.

    What do you want to improve here?
    Iíd just like to get into staffing over here. Like I said Iíve been here for a while and I want to get a bit more involved in your server because I have always loved it and Iím glad to see it coming back. Iíd love to be more of a part of that. Iíd like to be able to take care of issues with immature people when I see it because I do see it a lot.

    Do you have a microphone?

    What are your available hours during the week?
    From about 5:30 to 8 daily... although it changes both for the better and worse frequently.
    (does not weigh on whether you get or do not get a rank)

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    Denied. You can apply again in 3 weeks.

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    Denied. You can apply again in 5u49850o489354908509435049358098 weeks.

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