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    Post Zohan Is Gay Organization - Applications

    Hay need a good org? Well fear not Zohan Is Gay organization is open for EVERONE ^__^

    Applications Format -

    IC Name:
    How active are you?
    Do you like Zohan?

    EVERONE in the organization we'll get as much AK47 you need ^__^

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    What u mean? You want to join

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    Well hopefully Zohan we’ll sign up

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    tILT much tilt
    In the words of juicy J I Make money all day
    In the words of Geneisis " Im in love with the COCO"

    [PM] Nickolas Khimerik: To Derpy Whooves: -_-
    [OOC] Agent_X: you see lights and hear sirens in real life PULL YOUR ASS OVER
    [OOC] Agent_X: next person who FAILS to pull over i'm kicking
    [Local] Personal Radio: bitch im a high roller
    [Local] Personal Radio: i need to get back to my kingpen
    [911] Trixie Lulamoon: [911]: my stove is on fire
    [Local] John Apples: run afk scripts in hell
    [Local] Vinyl Scratch: LOL
    [OOC] JarginBijac: ****, man. Brb have to go whip my slaves
    JarginBijac has been banned from the server. Reason: You will get whipped in hell.. have fun
    [Local] Dope Yakuza: Spanjy got banned lets celevrate
    [Local] Aero Soulss: got you fam
    [Local] Aero Soulss: #behind you
    [OOC] The Airhorn Guy: AND I GOT ****ING CDM
    [OOC] The Airhorn Guy: im out of here ffs
    [OOC] Derpmobile owner: LOL
    [OOC] Derpmobile owner: LOL
    [Local] Chase Adams: this is a stolen car
    [Local] Chase Adams: im going have to give you a warning
    [Local] Crimson Nightmare: Best cop ever

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    IC Name: Tyler Jenkinz

    How active are you?
    If i'm not playing lacrosse or studying, I'm on the server.

    Do you like Zohan?
    No, he's gay
    I'm a sizzling snake

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    Welcome to The Zohan Is Gay Organization
    PM: Jack Leoo to get invite
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