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    • Fire Hydrants & added some to buildings to make it easier to put fires out in mesa slums and town hall
    • life alert areas
    • slot machines added (club catalyst)
    • Added new cop / fire /ems vehicles with custom skins
    • Added taxi job [with respective vehicle]
    • Added SS Medic job [with respective vehicle]
    • Changed mayor / ss limo
    • Added SS Tahoe
    • Added Chopshop & fixed chopshot to actually work
    • Added southwestern warehouse to properties for rockfordv1b
    • Adding 'theater' in the night club for music in 'casino'
    • Added a new law book, that gives cops and player the ability to enforce rules as actual laws
    • Updated rules + added ingame in tab and motd menu
    • New teamspeak (
    • Fixed image at top of scoreboard (#RickyBGamez)
    • Still working on forums

    more soon
    Trello for progress and plans

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    All these changes looks really great!
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    Nice list, well done sir. You got this!

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    If people want stuff added, just post in the suggestions area! Ill add it!

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    lock pick can brake out of police cuffs please

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    Fix the luggage clamp BB
    I'm a sizzling snake

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