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    Exclamation Grand Theft Auto Online Rules

    GTAPERP Official Rules
    1) Use common sense
    2) Do not disrespect other players or staff
    3) No hacking, modding, glitching or exploiting
    4) NLR (New life rule) is on a 5 minute timer and MAX jail time is 10 minutes and 15 minute cool down on a demotion.
    5) No excessive mazing in bases. All buildings must abide by laws of physics E.g. a concrete barrier may not be floating or may not be supported by glass.
    There MUST be at least ONE main door open in a base

    All in-game corresponding laws are in-game in the new law book.

    For a more in-depth set of rules see below.

    General Rules
    1.1; No hacking, modding, or glitching.
    1.2; Do not disrespect other players or staff. Staff say is final say.
    1.3; Exploiting glitches or cheats to anyone other than an admin is strictly prohibited.
    1.4; No excessive spamming.
    1.5; Attempting to bypass bans in any way will result in a permanent ban all involved accounts.
    1.6; Do not advertise other servers, contents, or games.

    Role Playing Rules (Common sense definition)
    2.1; FailRP/ShitRP is never acceptable. Failure to follow RP when in a job will result in blacklist and possible server ban.
    2.1.1; You must have an RP reason before you kill someone, otherwise it will be considered RDM.
    2.2; Government employees may not break laws.
    2.3; No excessive law breaking.
    2.4; You must have a legitimate reason to run from the police. Legitimacy is determined by enforcing staff.
    2.5; No spawn or AFK killing.
    2.6; AFKing/Job camping will result in a job blacklist.
    2.7; New Life Rule (NLR) applies to all players. If a player dies, they are considered a new person and have no memory of their past life.
    2.8; Do not abuse job powers.
    2.9; Local and Mic chat is only for RP. OCC may never be used for RP.

    Basing Rules!
    No headglitching
    No excessive mazing (not whole base, max 3 turns)
    IF you have the concrete barrier setup (1 on top and 1 on bottom) you must be able to see a person behind it, AND the weapon they are holding
    Must be at least 1 main door open for people to lock pick
    All buildings must abide by laws of physics. E.g. a concrete barrier may not be floating or may not be supported by glass.

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