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Thread: Some bugs

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    yes have few updates to do this just a taste of what is coming. Since you all been on breaks kinda had to do all alone.

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    just watched the video and seen the demo part lol.
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    Now i find out that its not the patch that broke gas punp it was broke before patch.

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    is the luggage clamp fixed?
    I'm a sizzling snake

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    There are also Floating fire hydrants erverywhere :P

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    He's currently looking into the gas pumps and the cause of them not working. There's other little ones such as the chairs in the little casino getting people stuck in the ceiling (not the chairs in front of the slot machines)

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    Fuel works
    p1 price fixed
    demo cars fixed
    npc fixed

    get on in!

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    I can't until midnight x_x.
    Make a mobile app so I can play via phone : D

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