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    Smile Unban Request Tyler Jenkinz

    A while back I was banned for proppush/ rdm. I would like a second chance because I enjoy coming to this server everyday after school. In the past I was an avid rule breaker. The past week has been me trying my best to help others with assistance with either in game problems or forums problems. I would like to return to the server and do the same there, and set a new example to the owner, admins, and lastly the community. I hope everyone reads this and gives their honest feedback. Thanks! :)

    In Game Name: Tyler Jenkinz
    Steam Name: Tyler <3 Xanny
    Steam Id: STEAM_0:0:155851402
    Banner: BoredandConfused {BAC}
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    Bump ( Filling required space)
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    Any response yet?
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    give them a bit of time, im sure you will get a response.

    I do feel that you should get unbanned, as everyone deserves another chance to not go and **** up, and to show that they learned from their mistakes. I do not think that it was your intent to go and kill the individual when you prop-pushed. the reason as to why you did i cannot remember, but if it is possible to state what happened so i can get a clearer picture would be fantastic, as it would allow me to be able to give you a more refined response.
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    Maybe if you DID change then it'd be considered. I still have a video of you just flat out walking up to me as FBI and gunning me down.

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    Can I see it please? @agent I don't recall that but I also have forgot a lot of things about the server
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    @Vince I did it because he was pulling up in me and was about to cdm me... but that was from my point of view he may have started to stop but I was being a little unsure of what was going to happen
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    Either way I still ****ed up by breaking a rule (s)
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    @agent that video?
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