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    Jake Chapone's unban request

    I was banned for 19 hours

    I think i should be unbanned because I was not banned for a valid reason i was test driving a car and a FBI pulled me over and he cant do that. so I got out the
    car and it brung me back to the dealer ship and the cops pulled up and I walked out and they came up to me and said stop and i said what did I do they said reckless driving and that means they were meta gaming and i argued with him about how he pulled me over as FBI and he said he did not when he was the only cop around and the chief ended the conversation and unarrested me and he told us to go on with our day and he banned me for minge.

    And for the admin who banned me sorry for wasting your time.

    My steam id is

    Thank you for reading my application and please consider unbaning me.
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    So from what I understand is that the FBI got a call over radio from another officer about a blue corvette that was involved in a chase, FBI assisted and didn't initiate the stop, so no harm done there.

    Then while you slowed down almost to a stop to go through a turn, other cops tried blocking you and another FBI had their gun drawn and stepped in front of your car and you were at gunpoint but then decided to break fear rp and drive off. So when you dissapeared they knew that it was a demo car and showed up at the car dealership where you re spawned and confronted you. You didn't comply with fear rp or cops and kept running around saying "I'm recording" when you were breaking the rules yourself.

    The cop who initiated the stop and called the chase saw you speeding and go through a stop light into the opposite lane, which you shouldn't be doing anyways since you cannot abuse the demo cars.

    -Admins don't have the power to unban

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    yes but i could not get out the car it was a test also the FBI was the only one in sight and he was telling me to pull over and at the end of all the arguing the chief demanded us to go on our way and he banned me

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    Doesn't matter, in a real life situation if you see lights and sirens you should pull over.

    Also it would be metagaming if you assumed the person was FBI, they could've been a detective or an officer with a black unmarked car.

    You also broke fear rp 2x

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