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    Dylan Chapone unban request

    Hello staff i would like to know if i could get unbanned?
    cause i think that i got banned unfairly. My story is that 10months ago or more i was addicted to play this server then Admins started not liking us so one day
    the admin got drunk one night [think it was a girl admin] and permabanned me. so i hope u take this request in consideration and unban me that would be great.
    Have a nice day.

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    You refused to go to jail and got banned as it warns you when you get arrested. If you came on drunk thats your problem, im not going to cut you loose because you decided to do that, so I personally decline this. See what others say.

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    the admin was drunk not him

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    How would you know that?

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    No girl admin's and an admin wouldn't ban you with no reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dylan chopone1 View Post
    the sight everyone who has been banned sees :P

    You don't really have a solid foundation to go and make an appeal. I'll tell you why:

    1. You start off with stating that you think it was unfair.
    2. You claim (and I'm stating that it is a claim because there is no actual proof of this being true) that the admin was drunk, and that the gender somehow plays a role in your punishment.
    3. You didn't acknowledge what you did, and why you got banned, which is something that you need to bring up
    4. To add onto point 3, you need to acknowledge that what you did is wrong and that it is against the rules set by the admins and owner, and that the action clearly violated and disregarded those enforced rules.
    5. You didn't apologize for your actions, which is something that comes after point 3 and 4.

    If you would have done any/all of those things with complete acknowledgement of what you have done wrong and how you actually regret making such a poorly chosen action, you may have gotten a different response.

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