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    Few ideas to improve perp

    The server has had a conversation about a couple updates that may improve the quality of the server. Here are a few,

    - Add more jobs. EX. Bus driver, under cover cop.

    - New and improved cars

    - An additional supply of weapons such as the m4

    - Being able to rob places such as the bank and gas station

    - A map extention if possible

    These are just a few ideas made in an attempt for a few possible changes that may or may not happen in the future. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed.

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    If anyone has had an aggrement of disagreement to whatever I have said, please feel free to comment.

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    Maybe even an undercover police job to where you are required to use your personal vehicle and your own normal outfit and it says you are a civilian on your head

    -another cool addon would be a new map maybe paralake or even evocity

    --these are just a few of my personal ideas that i think would improve the server

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    The map is set in place, the owner cannot add to it or do anything to it, he can only change maps in general.

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    I think we should try out evo city with our cars and such just as an alternative for a while

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent_X View Post
    The map is set in place, the owner cannot add to it or do anything to it, he can only change maps in general.
    Understood, but the majority of the ideas are still possible correct?

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    He can add new cars and weapons but it's not clear if / when he would. I am not familiar with owning a server or coding, etc.

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    We need more props :/

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    If it was to switch to evo city or something as big as paralake, you would be begging for the map to be changed back. Rockford works so perfectly and players keep coming back because the map is semi-sized, you always see players which makes the server feel more "friendly." Changing to para lake would be good for about the first week then you'd want a rollback. Also for "seasoned" players who know where everything is because all they they do is play on here (Rockford) they would get confused. About cars and weapons, I think that would be great but not snipers or anythings. Maybe some AUGS or a m4 but nothing SUPER long ranged like a sniper. For cars we have been asking for them for a while and the NYC taxi was added in Nov. 2015 and that was only one car. We ALSO STILL don't have the Audi r8 texture so that should be a top-priority imo. idfk why I posted this im really bored xD

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    New map sounds great. New things and secrets to learn.

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