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    Rico Unban Request

    Hey guys its me rico you probably dont remember me but i was perma banned from perp about 3 months ago for avoiding arrest i didnt understand why i got perma banned for such a "minor" (Not RDM or minging and stuff like that) But in that 3 month period i have became a mod on A WW1 Server and i understand how stressful it is to admin now and i am sorry for what i have put you through in the past and i have changed to be more mature and a overall nicer person i want to roleplay instead of what i used to do on that server all i do is roleplay and all i want to do is roleplay on perp its a great server and i remember all of the great times i had on it i met new friends and became the top of the server (org wise) I will apologize on TS If you want

    [-Sincerely Your Friend Rico Montana]

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    Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

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    3rd or 4th perma

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    Denied . `

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    also how do i become a better person

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    Quote Originally Posted by oo_be4stm0d3_oo View Post
    may i ask why sir?
    The reason is that this has happened before. It didnt work out, so we can safely assume it wont again. Therefore we are not going to run the risk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oo_be4stm0d3_oo View Post
    also how do i become a better person
    You really have to ask?

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    I think he should be accepted, hes got the maturity, you shouldn't be so harsh on the poor kid, he enjoys the server man....
    Take the risk, I know he can be good, you should feel bad for blaming this guy cause something else happened to someone else, everybodies different, accept the fact...
    He can probably be good, if he does just accept him ok? I feel bad, he shouldn't be denied for someone else's point of view...

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