No GTAPerp coins

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I was getting off GTAPerp yesterday then wehn I come back all my perp gold is gone!
I had 165 and I didnt buy anything.
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  1. Vince_Tovizi's Avatar
    I may not be much help but try to log in again and press f1 (as that brings up the store but im sure you already know this) to make sure that it is there, if not see if an admin or the owner can look into how much you have currently and if there is nothing, perhaps they can give you the amount lost.

  2. Wheaty's Avatar
    This has happenned to me multiple times. Just simply log off, then back on and it will be fixed.

    ~ Wheaty
  3. Hoosky's Avatar
    Still doesn't work after relogingmultiple times,
  4. UnitedNations's Avatar
    Im sure its being looked into.