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03-12-2015, 05:37 PM
Hello, my name is Cheezy Charley, now known as Spooky Charley (pilsberyhomeboy) as you may know, I currently run an organization called "#2SPOOKY4ME".
As of right now, I have a decent amount of players in the organization. Of course I want a good amount of people in the gang, but (as I have seen on other servers like DarkRP) it's not fun. The whole point of ORGs is too run the streets and own the city with your crew, not have the hole server in 1 gang and just mug and raid each other that's not in the gang. What drives me CRAZY is people in the same gang raiding each other (auto kick.) Currently as of right now, my guys are some of the most skilled raiders/ gunman. I'm also looking for some people with reputation. I do indeed like underdogs, if you're not really known on the server, but you think you have the skills to make an excellent marksman, give it a shot.

So here are the requirements:

1.) Must be good with guns

2.) Help new players on the server

3.) Familiar with crafting weapons and ammo

4.) Have some money to either make guns and ammo or buy it (this is not a charity, little to no handouts)


1.) Can't raid each other

2.) No begging people for guns, money or ammo (if they say no the first time, don't ask again)

3.) ABSOLUTELY NO RULE BREAKERS (it just makes the whole ORG seem like bad people)

4.) Be nice :)

Thank you for reading this, I might change the gang around here and there, but I'm recruiting anyone right now. Let me rephrase that, anyone can drop
an application down in the comments or in the server, but not all will be selected depending on if you're a good guy or gal.

03-13-2015, 02:07 PM
anyone wanna apply?

03-13-2015, 02:09 PM
i would join but i dont do org's im one girl army :P

03-13-2015, 03:40 PM
i would join but i dont do org's im one girl army :P

Well ok have fun bae with your chick army